Sept. 9, 2014


For immediate release: Sept. 9, 2014

CFPC and MCC Announce New Examination Structure for Family Medicine

Effective January 1, 2016, the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) will modify the examination process for family medicine candidates.

In 2013, the CFPC’s certification exam was harmonized with the Medical Council of Canada’s Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part II. Upon review, the CFPC has determined that the Certification Examination in Family Medicine, featuring content from both organizations, has not resulted in the anticipated benefits for the Certification decision. For this reason, starting in 2016 the exams will be run as two separate examinations, as they were before 2013. The MCC respects this decision and will work with CFPC to create a transition that is as seamless as possible for candidates.

The harmonized format of the exam will continue to be administered until the end of 2015, honouring the terms of the current Memorandum of Understanding between the CFPC and the MCC.

As of 2016, the harmonized format of the examination will no longer be offered.

Candidates taking the Certification examination in 2016 or later will need to register separately for the MCCQE Part II in order to obtain their LMCC.

The change to the exam format is being announced at this time so that all candidates who wish to obtain their CCFP and the LMCC in 2015 or later will be able to plan accordingly. Further communication will be provided in the near future.


For more information:

Jessica Hertzog-Grenier
Communications Manager Director of Communications
Medical Council of Canada
613-521-6012, ext. 2277

Jayne Johnston
Communications Manager
College of Family Physicians of Canada
905-629-0900, ext. 303