MCC’s new headquarters building

About the MCC’s new headquarters building

The MCC’s new headquarters building is better designed and better equipped to meet the needs of staff, Council, leadership, test committees, candidates and partners/stakeholders.

An exciting moment in MCC’s continuing legacy

The construction of the MCC’s new headquarters symbolizes an exciting next chapter as the Medical Council of Canada approaches its landmark 105th year dedicated to ensuring the highest level of medical care for Canadians through excellence in evaluation of physicians.

The institution’s beginnings date back to the early 1900’s when MCC founder Sir Thomas Roddick and his colleagues undertook a complex and arduous campaign to secure legislative agreement for a national qualification in medicine that would create a uniform system with high physician standards for all of Canada.

Today, the MCC continues to be the standard bearer at the forefront of excellence in the evaluation of physicians. It assesses over 11,000 Canadian medical students and graduates and international medical graduates (IMGs) each year through its examinations offered at sites across Canada and in over 500 locations in 80 countries.

In addition, the MCC is a leader in verifying and storing physician credentials, and currently safeguards the records of more than 200,000 physicians by curating more than 1.5 million electronic documents.

The MCC’s expansion to its new headquarters building addresses recent growth

The MCC’s expansion to its new headquarters building addresses the organization’s growth. New projects are being managed to deliver on the MCC’s commitment that, wherever Canadians live in Canada, their health and safety is protected because each doctor’s capabilities are thoroughly assessed to deliver a more uniform quality of medical care across the country.

Examples of expanded and new projects include:

  • We have expanded our assessments—in 1992 we were the first to introduce a national clinical skills examination. We have also developed a made-in-Canada solution for the source verification and sharing of international credentials, and proudly launched the MCC’s application portal
  • Our ongoing work to internationalize the MCC Qualifying Examination Part I, making this examination, which is a strong predictor of candidates’ success in practice, more accessible by offering it more often to applicants in their home countries will benefit both internationally educated physicians and Canadian health-system users alike.
  • We have expanded Psychometrics and Assessment Services into a centre of excellence for testing that will continue to collect, evaluate and generate leading best practices.

The current building is literally bursting at the seams and staff are separated by working at three sites in two different office locations. The new building is a natural progression to accommodate the MCC’s expanded capacity to deliver on its second century of service and commitment to innovation, excellence and vigilance.

The MCC’s new building is a beacon for collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of what MCC staff and our partners do every day.

The new building was designed in the true spirit of collaboration and features open space meeting areas and an abundance of natural light to spark thoughtful discussion and ignite new ideas.

Its design was developed with input by staff, and underscores the role that MCC plays to bring together regulators, educators, candidates and the public in a high performance, collaborative work environment.

In addition, we host an average of 60 to 80 internal and external events each year involving over 200 physicians whose work generates new ideas and approaches, and is central to identifying emerging medical education trends and best practices from undergraduate, postgraduate and physician practice.

Collaboration truly underpinned the design and development of the new MCC headquarters, which involved leadership team and staff input. Indeed, the building design itself is inspired by collaboration and cohesion.

Funding for the new building was drawn from MCC reserves. It is an investment that strikes the right balance between staff accommodations, functionality, and our stakeholders’ needs.